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Horse Sponsors

During the national health crisis Trinity Farm's doors were closed temporarily but our mission to improve the quality of life for our community continued! We've connected with out participants through Facebook LIVE, story time reading with ponies, virtual barn tours, virtual-learning, safe distance volunteering, and miniature horse visits to nursing home residents! As we slowly and carefully reopen to our riders we will continue to need your financial assistance to keep the horses fed and cared for.

Due to COVID-19 and lack of funding. The difficult decision was made to let go of Cisco, Lex, Rosie, Moe & Rowdy. Each of them has been placed with care or returned to their previous owner. 

We are currently facing the reality of another cut. If you can help- now is the time. 

Trinity Farm relies on donations, grants and lesson revenue to cover the cost of our most treasured assets: our therapy horses. In 2020 many grants and charitable donations were redirected to the significant human need during the pandemic. Our staff, volunteers and riders made HUGE attempts at fundraising! We were able to keep from closing down forever, but difficult choices had to be made. While rehoming horses lessens the financial strain it increases the burden on the horses that remain.

Trinity Farm's riders will never forget the love they felt for these horses, the lessons in independence they taught and the confidence they shared. We hope that no more horses will have to leave due to lack of funding. 


Horses with a green sponsored seal have received financial support to cover the cost of their care for the month. Horses with a black, yellow, red or blue ribbon have Champion Sponsors! You can read more about Champion Sponsors at the bottom of this page. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Donate using the link at the bottom of this page or contact us!

Graph updated: 09/28/2020

Our Herd

Did you know that it truly takes a special animal to be a therapy horse? What do we look for in a horse or pony? ...Patience, strength and a sense of humor!

Thank you: Nelson Family & everyone who purchased a Color Me Happy Tshirt!

Sponsored by the Pruett, Leonarides & Green Families

Sponsored by: The Smolk Family

Sponsored by: Warren, Ramey, Hayslip Families & Friends

Thank you: Caldwell & Nelson Families

Thank you: Rusinoff & Kelley Families

Sponsored by: The Wervey Family 

Sponsor Needed

Sponsored By: The Newhouse Family!

Sponsor Needed

Sponsor Needed

Sponsored by: Macchione Family & Christine Kessler

Fun Facts:

The national average for maximum amount of time a horse participates in a therapeutic riding program is about 5 years. Some may stay longer, most- shorter. Our skilled instructors, farrier and veterinarian frequently assess the horses' emotional & physical health to determine when it is time to retire a horse from Trinity Farm.

Dude was the very first therapy horse selected for Trinity Farm and joined the program in January of 2010.

The oldest horse to live at Trinity Farm was a quarter horse named Sadie. She lived to be 32 years old.

The youngest horse to join our herd is a miniature horse named Thunder. He was selected to be trained as a traveling therapy mini, which begins early in life. He has traveled to numerous nursing homes and residential communities, including The Briarwood & Hattie Larlham. He joined us in 2010.

Based on the facts listed with each photo, can you figure out who is the tallest therapy horse and who is the smallest? How about the oldest and the youngest?

Horse Sponsorship

One of the best ways to support Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center and our mission is to sponsor one of our fabulous horses. Equine assisted activities and therapeutic riding are a wonderfully effective tool, but it comes at a significant cost. Along with providing barn space and staff to look after the animals, each horse requires a lot of grain & hay, regular visits from the veterinarian, annual dental work and the services of our farrier. Basic care and feeding of a horse costs us over $8,000 per year, per horse. A Horse Sponsorship is a great way for you to make a meaningful contribution.

Champion Horse Sponsors

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