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"Color Me Happy"

Show Name: Color Me Happy

Breed: American Paint Horse

Color: Pinto

Sex: Mare

DOB: 2003

Height: 15.2hh

Arrived: 09/11/2011

Owned by: Madalyn Rusinoff

"Hey, my name is Bella! My mom's name is Madalyn and she shares me with Trinity Farm's riders! I was Madalyn's first horse and made her the confident rider she is today! I taught her all the basics, then she taught me all about Eventing and now I get to share my experience with the next generation of riders! One of my favorite things to do is cross country. I love jumping in and out of water, going through the woods and eating Popsicles! I have the best job. I helped teach Madalyn to ride when she was little, and now that Madalyn is a PATH Intl. Certified therapeutic riding instructor we work together to teach lessons.... she doesn't wear a saddle or go fast, she just stands in the middle of the arena and coaches. We've always made the perfect team in whatever form our friendship takes." -Written with help by Madalyn Rusinoff

"Madalyn dressed me as Secretariat for our first Boo at the Barn back before she learned how to tack me up with an English saddle! I make a pretty cute racehorse. 2011 & 2018" - Belle

"Ground poles to 2'6" I love helping my rider be the best they can be!" - Belle

"I've been part of Special Olympics at Trinity Farm for four years!" - Belle

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Sponsored in part by the Galizio & Warren Family.


Sponsored By: Nelson Family & Friends (Details to come)



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