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"Small Town Dude"

Registered Name: Zip's Small Town Dude

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Chestnut

Sex: Gelding

DOB: 1994

Height 16hh

Arrived: 01/02/2010

"Hi everyone, I'm Dude! I have been at Trinity Farm for a very long time! I was purchased as Trinity Farm's very first therapy horses in 2010. Over the years my job has slowed down a bit. I started by doing mini trials and walk-trot therapy lessons and these days I'm semi retired. Trinity Farm offered to retire me completely, but I didn't like it. I missed my job, my lessons and most of all my riders!" -Written by Madalyn Rusinoff

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(Details to come)


(Details to come)


Sponsored in part by: The Hayslip & Warren Families


Sponsored by the Hayslip Family & Friends

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The Bosticks

The Woods

The Wises

The Mcnamaras


Sponsored in part by the Ramey Family & Paula Jesse

Dude is $395 from his monthly goal

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