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Sammy & Jon were wed at Trinity Farm on September 26, 2015.
Sammy and her fiance wanted a wedding venue that would feel comfortable for their 140 invited guests. They are a young, fun-loving couple that wanted to skip the stuffy traditions and kick the dust up!
 Check out the photos below to see how we worked together to create their perfect wedding. 
The Bride and her father created a custom dance floor with lantern lighting. 
Trinity Farm's Indoor arena is 80' x 180'. Natural light pours in from skylights and windows while fans and a full sound system create an atmosphere that can't be matched when considering a venue that had indoor and outdoor capabilities. 
The ceremony was held outside where family and friends could gather with horses in nearby pastures. 
After the happy couple had their first kiss as husband and wife, it was time for the celebration to begin!
Congratulations Sammy & Jon!
We were so honored to be able to spend this day with you both.
We send you our best wishes for a long and happy marriage. 
Are you interested in hosting your next event at Trinity Farm?
Give us a call and find out how Trinity Farm is helping the community get in touch with family, friends and farm life. 
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