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No Stirrup November

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No Stirrup November is a horseback riding cultural phenomenon. Riders from all over the country dedicate the month of November to losing their stirrups in an effort to build strength & confidence.

Our instructors create opportunities for increasing increments of no stirrup work. It is important to note, that full consideration for our rider's safety and the wellbeing of the horses is always at the front of our mind. Although, we are tracking quantity of minutes, for the ease of competition, the real challenge here is QUALITY. The minutes don't count if the skill isn't done well.

Riders at Trinity Farm accumulated 1419 minutes of riding time without their stirrups in 2021. That would be the equivalent of riding without stirrups at the walk, trot and canter for a whole day!

Riding without stirrups has many documented benefits.

  • Strengthens the leg. 
  • Improved leg position: Pushing off of the stirrups is a common mistake that many rider’s make and don’t realize that they are doing. When there is no stirrup iron to balance off of, the rider must use their muscles to hold their legs steady. The steady leg creates a sturdy support for the rest of the body.
  • Practice and preparation. It is always a possibility that a rider may accidentally lose a stirrup while mounted, but a confident and well prepared rider can calmly get their stirrup back without having to stop or lean down to put their boot back in. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you CAN ride without your stirrups will keep you calm and thinking clearly in and emergency. 
  • Better balance and an improved seat  A rider’s seat is essential in staying balanced in the saddle. Relying on stirrup irons for balance is a lot like relying on training wheels. Better positioning through the hips and sitting deeper in the saddle will create a lower center of gravity and better connection to the horse's movement.  

We're just getting started!

Count no-stirrup minutes right along with us! We'll update the chart as we go!

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