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Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

If you are planning to bring riding gear for any of our riders who have made it on the “nice” list, we have a few suggestions.

If you need help at the tack store, the staff may ask you what riding sport your child does... ENGLISH RIDING: Specifically: EVENTING

(This is helpful and a common question... like clarifying between American & European Football.)

You can find info about competition gear here...

Riding boots, breeches and helmets are gendered in stores and on websites, but rarely have much of a difference other than color or advertising/models. Shop by what fits or what you like. If Men's boots fit better, blue helmets are more-awesome or ladies pants are less expensive... do it.

Trinity Farm Sportswear

Trinity Farm Sportswear can be found on the main page of our website.

  • Team Jackets
  • Polos
  • T-shirts
  • Horse Sponsor gift bag and mini friend to take home and love.  

Sponsor a Horse

Trinity Farm horses change lives every day. You can gift a push friend to your child or their friends this holiday and spread joy to loads of friends this year. This package includes an 8" plush friend, coloring book, certificate of adoption, and an invitation to visit the farm! Take a mini version of your favorite equine home and contribute to an excellent cause! $38 of your purchase goes directly to the care of Trinity Farm's therapy horses. Want to learn more about becoming a horse sponsor? Check out our website Store for more opportunities!

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  • Show gloves must be black, but lesson gloves can be any color.
  • Winter riding gloves for children tend to be very bulky and they often take them off mid ride or even before we get on. Summer gloves that fit are still warmer than nothing. OR we like "magic gloves" the cheep target/walmart/amazon gloves are the only thing we've found that kids will keep on their hands in the winter consistently.

Hot hands/foot warmers are awesome too!


Socks, socks and more socks! Wild, bold, bright, fun, silly, patterns, colors, you name it! This is the time to go crazy! Horseback riders love tall boot socks with personality! (Even if you don't own tall boots.) It is a fun way to show your personality!


  • For small children, we recommend synthetic boots rather than leather, because they are easier to break in.
  • Paddock Boots can have laces or zippers, or be brown or black- rider's choice. 
  • For Show...
    • Paddock Boots and halfchaps are appropriate for all ages and give the best options for fit/ flexibility.
    • Tall Boots (Field Boots) are typically worn only by riders over the age of 12. They MUST fit really really really really REALLY well or they are not worth buying. Katherine would be happy to explain in further detail or meet you at the store to help with sizing. 

Check out our used boots for $10 options! We have lesson paddock boots, and around the barn/volunteer boots too!

Half Chaps


Men's Breeches

SmartPak has the best selection around.

Winter breeches are a great way to stay warm. Target and other stores offers fleece lined leggings which are very similar to breeches for about $12! They are perfect for layering or wearing as breeches! (Youth and adult styles are available!) Tights under leggings/breeches are a good layer too!

White Breaches

Other brands and styles are acceptable as long as they are a sport fabric for stain resistance and lightweight for summer/ year round use. No heavy fabrics. Your child will overheat even at a winter competition. We recommend full seat breeches that are grey or black for easy washing and comfort.

Safety Gear


Helmet MUST fit at the time of purchase. Your child does not need a larger helmet to "grow into".

  • Needs to be black for competitions, but can be any color/pattern for lessons.
  • In a well fit helmet, you can nod, shake or turn your head upside down without it wiggling. If it doesn't stay put now, it won't stay put during a fall.
  • ALL NEW horseback riding helmets have the same ASTM-SEI safety rating. Fit is more important that material used in the helmet. Price reflects style, materials and brand.
  • NO VELVET or helmet covers.

Ovation Schooler Helmet - Easy to fit, great pricing.

XC Helmet: (Yes, you can do XC in any helmet, but this helmet or style is preferred for most riders BN and above due to the low profile and ventilation.

Happy to help...

PLEASE do not let your child wear their riding clothes, boots or helmet until it is approved by their instructor. Worn items can not be returned and items that don't fit or are for the wrong sport are not usable. :(

Please ask. Katherine and Madalyn help Santa and Parents every year by sharing more links, meeting up at the tack store or helping to take measurements. We are happy to help!

Thanks, Santa!


Your Friends at Trinity Farm

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