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"With The Breaks On"

Show Name: With The Breaks On

Breed: Halflinger cross

Color: Chestnut w/ flaxen mane and tail

Sex: Gelding

DOB: 1996

Arrived: 07/16/2011

Height: 12hh

"Greetings, my name is Waffle! And I like life on the slow side. I love the kids that I work with! My favorite thing to do is lead line lessons, because I can go slow and I get help them learn the foundational skills that they will use on all their future mounts. And then they can grow up and be super cool horseback riders. I love when my riders come back to visit me even if its just for a grooming session or to sneak me a treat in my bucket." - Written with help from Madalyn Rusinoff

Did you know? When competitors & horses are announced at a horse show it is usually is worded... "Now in the ring, rider's name, riding: horse's name." Which means that Waffle's show name would make more sense when he's being announced. "This is Jane Doe riding: With the Breaks On!" A funny introduction to a pony who takes slow-careful steps with his riders like he is driving with his hoof on the break.

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Sponsored in part by the Galizio Family


Sponsored By: Macchione Family & Christine Kessler


Thank you: Carolyn Galizio & Christine Kessler

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