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Small but mighty!

Breed: Miniature Horse

Color: Paint

Sex: Mare

DOB: 2005

Height: 30"

Arrived: 05/22/2013

Donated by: Gerald Goldberg of Pepperpike Ohio

"Hello, my name is Fiona! Donkey and I were donated together, and let me tell you he is super chatty. I am too tiny to be ridden, but I get so much of attention! I help people that might be a little intimidated of the bigger horses. I love being taken for walks and getting groomed. I love being able to stick my head out of my stall to see what's going on in the barn." - Written with help by Madalyn Rusinoff

Grooming is exercise. It requires hand & arm movements, balance and hand eye coordination. Grooming a large horse can be intimidating or difficult to reach. Fiona is the perfect height to come alongside a wheelchair or someone with limited mobility. She is patient and kind and will let our athletes groom and groom until she shines!

Athletes can practice communicating and maneuvering Fiona with help before progressing to independence or a larger horse or pony.

Will you sponsor my care?


(Details to come)


(Details to come)


Sponsored by: The Nelson Family


Sponsored by: The Nelson Family


Sponsored in part by: The Nelson & Caldwell Families

I'm $420 from meeting my May care sponsorship goals. You can help!

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