Breed: Lusitano

Color: Grey

Sex: Gelding

DOB: 2000

Height: 15hh

Arrived: 02/24/2016

Owned by: Jacqueline Berger

"Hi, my name is Terroso! My owner Jacqueline thought that I would be an awesome therapy horse! I have a lot of cool dressage skills that I get to teach my riders! Everyone loves to braid my long mane. I mess it up so they have to braid it again. I love to go to dressage shows and last year I went on super slow hunter-pace, which I learned is like a timed trail ride!" - Written with help by Madalyn Rusinoff

"I've had some wild costumes over the years for Boo at the Barn. I've been a mermaid, sushi rolls and obviously a very convincing unicorn."- Terroso

Will you sponsor me?


(Details to come)


(Details to come)


Sponsored by the Wilson/ Mullin Family


Sponsored by the Gmerek & Witner Families


Sponsored by the Newhouse Family

I'm almost to my goal! I need $170 to cover my care for May.

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