Breed: Miniature Horse

Color: Dapple Grey

Sex: Gelding

DOB: 2008

Height: 36"

Arrived: 07/25/2010

"Hello there, I’m Thunder. I am a little shy in my stall and you have to give me pats before you put my halter on. My first job at Trinity Farm was visiting nursing homes and centers for children with disabilities that are unable to come to the farm. I am a miniature horse which makes me the perfect size to travel and get nice and close to wheelchairs and beds! My two best friends are Moose and Fiona. I always nicker to Moose when he passes me in the aisle. Fiona and I share a stall sometimes because she is small like me! I wish Moose and I could share a stall because we could get bunk beds and build forts!" - Written with help by: Olivia Wervey (Age 11)

"I'm known for my crazy hairdos and my little punk style! When I get an all over hair cut they call it body clipping and you can really see my dapples! I'm so small Miss Katherine has to be down on one knee to clip me. We do it in the lounge where its warm and I like to start pillow fights by grabbing the pillows with my mouth and whoming the volunteers with them!"- Thunder

"Boo at the Barn is my favorite event! I love to wear silly costumes and meet all my adoring fans!

You may have seen me as a peacock, the Big Bad Wolf, Mario with my friends Luigi and Peach, a $5 bill with my friend President Lincoln, and one year I even dressed up as a human horseback rider." - Thunder

"At 36" tall I am too tiny to ride, but I do get practice showmanship and teach Trinity Farm's riders about grooming and horse care. Despite my size, I'm kind of a big deal! Some might say I'm the ambassador of the whole riding program!" - Thunder

2020's Sponsor: Needed

2019's Vet Care Sponsor: The Brown Family


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