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Registered Name: Country Music's Kent Gray

Breed: Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Color: Grey- Dun

Sex: Jack

DOB: 02/05/2006

Height: 32"

Arrival: 05/22/2013

Donated by: Gerald Goldberg of Pepperpike Ohio.

"Greetings! How are you? I'm Donkey, and if you ever hear a loud, obnoxious sound, it's ME! I'm a little different from the rest of the therapy animals here... I'm a donkey, to be exact, I'm a Miniature Mediterranean Donkey. I love living here. Our friend Gerald donated Fiona and myself. He thought we would make perfect tiny helpers to teach horsemanship. He also knew I would be a great listener because of my long ears! I don't know if you noticed, but think about mine and Fiona's names... they are from the movie Shrek. Me and Fiona shared a stall for a while because that is what we did at our old farm. We got split up because Miss Katherine kept catching me chewing on Fiona's tail. Now, I spend my days chewing hay in my very own stall. I love my life and I still see my buddy Fiona all the time. Our stalls and pastures make us neighbors." - Written with help by: Olivia Wervey (age 11).

"No matter how people arrive at the farm they always leave with a smile on their face. Sometimes humans need to talk about their feelings which is perfect because I'm a great listener!"- Donkey

Fun Fact: A donkey's bray, also referred to as a hee-haw, is unique, and each donkey sounds slightly different. Due to their distinctive and loud bray, donkeys are sometimes used as guards for livestock such as goats, sheep and calves. The guard donkey bonds with its stock and becomes aggressive if the herd is threatened. You can find a video of Donkey braying on our Facebook page.

"I get asked to make a lot of public appearances because I'm so handsome. My fans love me!"- Donkey

"Boo at the Barn gets a little silly at times. I look great in every costume, especially when I dressed as Eeyore. I've been a pinata and even a Chipolte burrito which was fun because they let me visit the Streetsboro Chipolte restaurant in my costume!" - Donkey

"I work with military veterans and first responders. I'm so smart that I get bored easily. Many people would get frustrated with my stubborn behavior, but they understand I only like to take direct orders from a confident leader." - Donkey

"Some friends that visit Trinity Farm aren't able to ride for medical reasons like seizures, brain or spinal injuries but they sure know how to give me lots of attention from the ground." - Donkey

"If you see me outside wearing a muzzle don't be concerned. I'm meant to live in a desert climate and eating a bunch of lush green grass could cause health problems for me." - Donkey













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