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History of Boo at the Barn

As with most things at Trinity Farm, we began by asking "What does our community need?" and "How can we help?"

Accessible and inclusive community events hosted by Trinity Farm, means... A veteran with mobility issues can now trick-or-treat with their kids. A child with Down Syndrome or a grandparent can visit at their own pace. Our friends who are sensitive to sensory input can take breaks, stim or wear headphones without judgement. An individual with food allergies or with a feeding tube can have just as much fun selecting non-candy items. Siblings, family members and friends are all able to gather and enjoy time together.

Interested in sponsoring Boo at the Barn? Your company can be part of Trinity Farm's inclusive intergenerational fun this Halloween! (email: or call for details.)

Boo at the Barn 2021 was a drive thru!

Viewer's Choice Award Winner: The Lorax by Carly N., Shaela K., and Olivia W. 

Social Media Viewer's Choice Award: The Pink Panther by Connor H.

Best Stall Decorations: The Tooth Fairy by Ady B. & Gwen B.

Over 350 guests and over 100 cars in a socially distanced drive-thru event!

Boo at the Barn 2020 was a drive thru!

Viewer's Choice Award Winner: Jaxen Cushing & Rosie as scuba divers

Over 500 guests and over 160 cars in a socially distanced drive-thru event!

Boo at the Barn 2019 was a huge success! 

Viewer's Choice: Tallulah Macchione & Lex as characters from the anime show RWBY

Best Group: The Nelson Family & Fiona for their Alice in Wonderland

Best Stall: Olivia Wervey & Moose for their Big Red Barn

Online Viewer's Choice: Jaxen Cushing & Rosie with his Circus theme

500 guests and the addition of hayrides from our parking area made our 10th Boo our biggest yet!

Boo at the Barn 2018 was a huge success! 

Viewer's Choice: Anna Ready & C.C. as Little Red Riding Hood

Best Costume: Ady Brumbach with Fiona & Thunder as Mario & Friends

Online Viewer's Choice: Holly Norville & Boo as 50's Soda Shop Friends

400 guests! Thanks for coming to Boo at the Barn. 

You've made our 9th Halloween the best treat yet!


Viewer's Choice Award: Julia & Thomas Rice: Marry Poppins & Bert with their carousel horse!

Our 8th Annual Boo at the Barn: 350 guests!


Viewer's Choice Award: Holly Norville & her handsome groom Hunter!

Our 7th Annual Boo at the Barn: 375 guests!


Viewer's Choice Award: The Jurkovich Family - Minions

Our 6th annual Boo at the Barn celebration!


Viewer's Choice Award: Sydney & Wally as Elsa & Olaf!

Thank you for joining us at our 5th annual Boo at the Barn! See you next year!


Viewer's Choice Award: Madalyn Rusinoff & Belle: The Little Mermaid!

Thank you for joining us for our 4th annual Boo at the Barn Halloween event! 


Viewer's Choice Award: Autumn & Sid as characters from Disney's UP



Viewer's Choice Award: Lucy Majorkiewicz & Sadie as the Wizard of Oz!

THE FIRST EVER Boo at the Barn! 150 guests!

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