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Boo at the Barn 2020


Our 11th year was a drive thru event. We had over 160 cars and over 500 people in attendance!

Thank you to all of our riders, families and volunteers that made this event possible.

You can find drive thru video on our social media platforms! Check out Facebook or Instagram!

Costumes not pictured....

  • Danny & Orlando as construction workers
  • Michael & Thunder as a Raider's football coach and football
  • Nate & Donkey as Harry Potter and Ron Weasley
  • Olivia & Mitch as the nursery rhyme: "the cow jumped over the moon"
Thank you to our volunteers: Dave, Annemarrie, Mike, Jodie, Tallulah, Bill, Pam, Ted, Carrie and Kevin!

More photos to come...

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