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Special Olympic: Equestrian Sports

at Trinity Farm

Who can participate?

  • Horse lovers with intellectual disabilities
  • Participants must be age 4 and up to participate at Trinity Farm 
  • Participants must be age 8 and up to compete at Regionals & the Ohio State Games 
  • Participants are welcome from all over Northeast Ohio
    • Images that say "Summit County Trotters" are from previous seasons. We've had a team name change and have grown. We welcome all riders from any county, but can't say goodbye to the old photos. 
  • Trinity Farm's anti-discrimination statement:
    • Trinity Farm does not discriminate against race, gender, sexuality, religion or nationality. Trinity Farm accepts students based upon our organization’s ability to meet the needs of the participant. In order to provide the most rewarding experience, Trinity Farm can only accept students for which it has the appropriate horses, staff and volunteers. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.
  • Contact Trinity Farm for more info:
    • 330-618-0654

How does it work?

  • Participants in Special Olympics are called Athletes, but you may also hear us refer to ourselves as...
    • Athlete / Participant / Friend / Rider / Equestrian
  • How often do athletes ride?
    • Athletes have lessons/practices once a week and have the option of taking more.
    • Weekly lessons/practices are the financial responsibility of the Athlete. 
    • If the Athlete requires financial assistance they can apply for it at any time.
  • If you are currently a Trinity Farm rider and want to join Special Olympics...
  • If you are coming to Trinity Farm or the team as a brand new participant...
    • Contact us. We'll happily answer any questions over the phone and invite you for a tour of our farm. New Rider
    • You will need to complete Trinity Farm and Special Olympic paperwork
    • When your paperwork is complete and turned back in to the office we'll review it and work on next steps together. 

How is the team funded?

  • Athletes are responsible for their weekly lessons, but can apply for financial assistance scholarships or use outside sources for payment such as NEON. 
  • Grants
  • Team Fundraising
  • Private Donations 
  • Team Sponsorships by Community Partners

Coaches / Instructors:

  • Trinity Farm's caring and talented Instructors are certified by PATH International, an organization that prides its self in being the leader of safety in equine assisted activities and adaptive riding across the globe. All instructors are also certified as Coaches by Special Olympics Ohio and by the Red Cross in CPR & First Aid.


  • Volunteers are essential
  • Volunteers are background checked through Special Olympics Ohio
  • They are provided training and continuing education related to handling equines and encouraging our athletes 
  • Special Olympic volunteers are invited to participate based on their experience, attitude and team spirit
  • 90% of Trinity Farm's volunteers are riders in the lesson program. We find that our volunteers being horseback riders creates a great deal of common ground with our athletes which allows us to build relationships and friendships on shared interests from day one. Our volunteers' firsthand knowledge of the sport, their experience, perseverance, patience, continued goal setting and skill development make them highly desirable and reliable volunteers. 
  • Make a commitment +4 hours a week to the team
  • Special Olympic Volunteer Online Form

Social Events: Event Page Hawaiian Pizza Parties, silly hat days, picnics, cornhole games and more!

Regionals at Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center 2021

Our 2021 Team Sponsors & Community Partners:

Thank you...

Our *Anonymous* superhero!

Gail Linsley

Jean Paolucci

Cynthia Durrett

Lorraine Linton

Martin Bach

Cassie Krantz

Ginnette Harvey

Terri Woodriff

Sherry Norville

Lisa Burnham

Pruett Family

Foskett Family

Vankirk Family

Michelle Collins Gill

Lindsay Macdonald
Sherri Bevan Walsh
Heidi Srinivasan
Lisa Heller
Stephanie Johnson Wervey
Eileen Triptow Matthes
Suzanne Allen
K.C. Mix
Michelle Herron
Pamela Pruett

Special thanks to our Facebook donors!

Athlete Profiles


Team Member: 2017-2022

Favorite Horse: Dude


Team Member: 2019-2022

Favorite Horse: Dude


Team Member: 2019-2022

Favorite Horse: Orlando


Team Member: 2013-2021

Favorite Horse: Velma


Team Member: 2018-2021

Favorite Horse: Rosie


Team Member: 2017-2021

Favorite Horse: Dude & Belle


Team Member: 2019-2022

Favorite Horse: Thunder & Donkey


Favorite Horse: Rosie

Team Member: 2019-2022


Team Member: 2021

Favorite Horse: Orlando


Team Member: 2020-2022

Favorite Horse: Belle


Team Member: 2020-2022

Favorite Horse: Tink


Great news, Trinity Farm now has it's very own SO Equestrian Team! Goodbye: Summit Co Trotters. Hello! Trinity Farm's Special Olympic Equestrian Team. We are very excited to welcome riders from all over NE Ohio! 



Special Olympic activities were suspended to protect the health of our athletes against COVID-19.

Trinity Farm hosted the first ever Northeast Ohio Regional Games. 10 athletes participated in Regionals and 5 of those athletes went on to compete at the State Games in Columbus, Ohio.


Congratulations to the Trotters on their wonderful rides and a fantastic display of sportsmanship!




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