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    Long pants and closed toed shoes are a must for time at the farm. If you are looking for specific for ideas, ask your instructor to mark the following shopping list for you to take to the tack store for easy stress free shopping.


    Things to consider...

    ~Helmets and boots are safety gear not fashion, they must fit to do their job. Do not buy used helmets.


    ~Do not let your rider wear their new items before your instructor checks them over. You and your rider will be so sad if you need to make a return.

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    Trinity Farm is a nonprofit organization that works hard to provide equestrian opportunities to community members that have experienced hardships or financial strain. Because of the generosity of donors, foundations and local businesses we are able to offer financial aid to those in need.

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    What's the difference?

    Isn't it all the same thing?






    Where do the racehorses fit in???


    There are a lot of equestrian sports and disciplines of riding. If we started with the trunk of the tree as a drawing of all the riding sports we could draw many layers of branches that are related, to the trunk but individually they each have long interesting histories that span thousands of years and the entire globe.


    Very simply, if you hear "Western" think cowboys and "English" think foxhunting. It should help spark some imagery and help start you off in the right direction.


    Trinity Farm teaches English riding lessons. (Specifically Eventing.)