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Plush Friend

Sponsor a Trinity Farm horse and take a mini version home to snuggle. 

Plush friends, Dude, Waffle, Bella, Donkey and Thunder are ready to go home with you! Ask about our other friends, Fiona, Tink, Danny, Terroso! 

Package includes: a certificate of sponsorship and an invitation to meet the real life version of your mini friend at Trinity Farm!

Our therapy horses change lives every day and you can help. 

Take a mini version of your favorite equine home for just $50 and contribute to an excellent cause! $38 of your purchase goes directly to the care of Trinity Farm's therapy horses. Want to learn more about becoming a horse sponsor? Check out our website for more opportunities!

**At this time: PICK UP - no charge - 9am-9pm

**At this time: Shipping- extra fee - 330-618-0654 to calculate shipping charge.

You can find our store on the home page!

  • Order online using the "store" tab
  • or contact us at 
  • or contact us at 330-618-0654

We say #bellethewonderhorse is one of a kind because she is such a special part of our program. 

But NOW you can take a mini-Bella home for the holidays!

Mini Dude wants to come home with you for Valentines Day! (We assure you, plush Dude is house trained.) He loves hugs just as much as the real Dude.

You are invited to come meet your sponsored therapy horse at Trinity Farm and you can look them up and read all about them on the official Horse Sponsor Page by clicking below.

Our friend Thunder is a miniature horse. He has had special training that allows him to travel anywhere in public that also allows dogs. He can travel to nursing homes, residential communities, schools, parks and more! He is the perfect travel size to bring joy to those that can not visit the farm.

2022 Gift Giving:

Do you have a family member in a residential facility? Nursing home? Senior living? Memory Care? Plush friends are a wonderful gift that bring back memories of childhood, family, nature, pets, animals, fairs, picnics, travel and so much more! They are an excellent companion to bring joy and a smile to your loved one's face. When you purchase a mini plush friend for a friend or family member in Northeast Ohio, we'll deliver it and include a certificate for the facility to bring an entire group to visit the farm at their convenience! If you purchase 10 or more mini horses to give to residents needing a little love this holiday- we'll send our real miniature horse, Thunder, to the facility of your choice to drop them off. 


Your gift can bring so much joy!

Support a therapy horse that changes the lives of veterans, children and adults with special needs while putting a big smile on the face of a loved one!

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