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Pasture Fence


Trinity Farm got an upgrade! New pasture fencing in 2020!


As you know Trinity Farm is not the first organization to use this horse farm. The original facility and pasture fences were installed 50 years ago. On average a wooden fence will last 15 years if properly cared for and maintained. The fencing was in poor to terrible condition when Trinity Farm took ownership of the property. In the last ten years Trinity Farm volunteers and staff have spent hours a week and thousands upon thousands of dollars to repair the wooden fencing and were never able to get a head of the decay.

New pasture fencing will be installed to promote safety and accessibility to volunteers and participants. Aisle ways will be wide enough to fit mowing equipment and more importantly horses & riders with their sidewalkers! We are also creating easy access gates for parking for Boo at the Barn and other events.

The super short post in the center of this photo is the only post holding up the line of rotted posts on each side.

This 4 post section is not attached to the ground. It is being held up by blue twine and the neighboring pasture.

The posts holding up the gate on the left side of this photo are barely able to support the weight of the gate. Some posts on the right side of the photo further down from the gate are no longer attached to the ground and are being supported by boards and surrounding fence posts.

Posts and boards in this section are falling down by the day. If a horse were to rub on the fence this section would collapse.


Trinity Farm was able to secure a loan to cover the costs of new fencing. The loan does not impact the fundraising needs of the horses and the rest of the program. The loan is not for the care of the horses or able to be used for the sponsorship of our riders. In those areas, we still need your help.


Throughout the month of July we will be ripping out original wooden fencing and beginning the install of our new high tensile fencing. Follow us on social media for photos of our progress OR get in on the action and lend a hand.

Big Project Volunteer Day

July 18th 2020 time TBA

Join us for painting, gardening and making memories.

What did we do with the old fencing?

We gave it to local farms and community members to build their own projects. We also repurposed it into jumps, tables, retaining walls, signs, art projects and soooooooooo much more! Check out our social media pages to learn more about how we repurpose and reuse items around the farm to keep the history and materials from ending up in the trash.

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