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A horse enters the “bingo” area at the farm and turn we turn it loose with the live stream rolling. As soon as all 4 hooves are inside the Bingo area, the event starts. The event ends when the horse poops.


April 10th 2020 at 4:00pm


Use our PayPal button for your square(s)--$10 per square. The day of the event squares will be assigned at random. BINGO square sponsors will be posted here and on Facebook. The game will be played through our Facebook live stream. We will post the winner at the conclusion of the game.

The sponsor of the square with the winning pile will receive bragging rights as well as a $100 Visa Gift Card!

What IF?

~If the horse poops a single pile on several squares (up to 4): The payout will be split between the squares the poop is in.
~If the majority of the poop lands in one square with some going onto another, the square with the most will be declared the winner.
~If the horse walks and poops, the square where the FIRST dropping lands will be declared the winner.

Thanks for helping the animals in a fun way!

Good luck everyone!

BINGO Game Square Sales Close at 2pm 04/10/2020

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