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Pennies 4 Ponies

Trinity Farm's social media fundraising challenge!

As you know, we can not provide riding lessons to our riders due to the pandemic. The horses do not unplug or power down when the farm is closed, they still have dietary, hoof care and medical needs. We need your help to keep our herd healthy!

How can you help?

We need your donation! It costs $10,000 a month to care for our herd and we know that every donation, no matter the size can help the horses.

Pennies 4 Ponies

We are challenging YOU to raise pennies for ponies, but before you send a donation we want to see you "stack ‘em then send ‘em”!

Make a video/take a photo

Stack your $

Send your $

Challenge your friends!

Our therapeutic riding lessons are fun and creative - are you? How high can you go? How many can you do in 15 seconds? Where will you stack them? Who will you challenge to donate next?

Challenge 4 people to do the Trinity Farm: Pennies 4 Ponies - stack ‘em then send ‘em challenge!

Where do I send my $?

You can donate online or with a drop off at the farm. Use the PayPal button or find the collection box in our parking lot. You can also mail your donation to Trinity Farm 7821 Ferguson Rd. Streetsboro, Ohio 44241.

What does my donation do?

$10,000/month sponsors SIXTEEN therapy horses

$650/month to sponsor ONE therapy horse

$350/herd for the day SIXTEEN therapy horses

$22/day to sponsor ONE therapy horse

$16/ bag of grain

Whoa! Why is this a problem now?

Ohio has a mandatory shut down order of all nonessential business. Although, our riders would argue that horse hair, social engagement and physical activity are essential to their lives, we have closed our doors temporarily. Trinity Farm is a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on clients paying for services, donors and grants. At this time we are dedicated to providing our amazing horses the care they need to be ready when we throw the barn doors open and welcome all of our riders home again!

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