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Equestrian Team 2021

Trinity Farm's Equestrian Team is open to riders age 4 and up. All of Trinity Farm's riders are part of the Equestrian Team. We believe inclusion in sports is important. We want to see change in the world- and that starts right here at Trinity Farm. 

Why compete?

Competitive activities help children develop important skills they'll use well into adulthood.



-'Safety First' attitude


-Planning/ Preparation/ Organization Skills

-Short & Long Term Goal Setting

-Managing Emotions ex: Learning the difference between good and bad stress

-Time management 

Isn't horseback riding a individual sport?

Trinity Farm encourages riders to create lasting friendships, experience new challenges and demonstrate the skills they have worked hard to attain.

Who can be a team member?

General team membership is open to all Trinity Farm riders of all ability levels. There is no fee to join the team!  (Scholarships, sponsorship and fundraisers help keep costs to a minimum.) 

ALL Trinity Farm equestrian team members are encouraged to...

...remain in good standing with Trinity Farm's policies, coaches and staff

...participate in weekly riding lessons as the weather allows

...participate in a minimum of one competition a year at Trinity Farm or offsite

...attend at least one other competition at Trinity Farm or offsite, to cheer on their team mates

...participate in one educational day at Trinity Farm

...participate in a minimum of one fundraiser a year

What kinds of competition are there?

Let your instructor know you are interested in competing. There are many levels, locations and price points to choose from! Your coach will make the final recommendations about competition level and ability based upon safety and horse availability.

Trinity Farm Horse Shows

Trinity Farm shows cater to all levels and abilities! All students are welcome to participate!

Invite friends and family. Enjoy our concession stand.

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Special Olympics- Equestrian

Trinity Farm is the host facility of the Summit & Portage County Trotters. SO participants must be 8 years or older to compete and have a documented intellectual disability. Participants that quality for Special Olympics opportunities must complete 12 lesson before competing in a SO sanctioned event such as the Ohio State Equestrian Games.

 Trinity Farm's SO athletes will be eligible to compete in our public inclusive horse shows, Regional horse show and the State Games in Cincinnati at the end of summer. All horsemanship and riding levels are welcome to participate!

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Dressage is series of geometric and artistic movements that are scored based upon accuracy and fluency. Dressage is most frequently described as "dancing" and should give the impression that the horse and rider are working as one.

Trinity Farm offers dressage competition for all ability levels and ages.

Offsite dressage competitions are open to riders who can maintain the canter or Intro Level.

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Show Jumping

Show Jumping is a timed competition where horse and rider must clear a series of jumps in the correct order, without knocking them down. Riders are rewarded for meeting the optimum time. (Not too fast OR too slow that would make it difficult to jump safely.)

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Cross Country

Cross Country is a timed competition where horses and riders must clear a series of natural obstacles, such as logs, brush or water. Riders are rewarded for meeting the optimum time. (Not too fast OR too slow that would make it difficult to jump safely.)

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Combined Test "CT"

Dressage penalty scores and stadium jumping penalties are tallied. Lowest score (fewest errors) wins.

Mini Trial 

Modeled after the Olympic sport of 3 Day Eventing, a mini trial combines the penalty scores from Dressage, stadium jumping and cross country. All three phases are completed in one day and the lowest score (fewest errors) wins.

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Find our full schedule on the blog.