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1 of 52 Thoroughbreds

Mayzie's Story

One of the 52 Thoroughbreds

Mayzie's Story

The Facebook post that started it all...

Famous Facebook Post from January 2011: "Horse lovers in OH: Please help!!!! Horses are going to slaughter on Saturday 2/5/11. FREE to good home, call now! Dr. Stearns, DVM passed away & his son wants everything liquidated immediately, horses go to slaughter this Sat. Currently of 52 horses there are still 23 mares some w/babies on board, stud is 16.3 TB Stud Conley Key. All free and papered. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx, Barnesville, OH.

All of the horses found homes within 4 days of the original post, BUT this message continues to circulate as current news. In reality there are thousands of animals that actually need to be rescued every day. Please help us delete & report these old fake-news articles/posts to clear the way for animals that still need help and celebrate the people that save these animals and give them a new lease on life!

Mayzie's Story

We are lucky enough to have one of the famous 52 thoroughbreds at Trinity Farm! Mayzie's registered name is Gray Hot Momma. She was one of the pregnant mares advertised in the original post in 2011. Just days after the post on Facebook, she went to live with Joanne May, a kind and knowledgeable woman who helped Mayzie deliver a healthy colt. About a year later Mayzie and her baby were ready to part ways and continue down different career paths. As a retired racehorse, Mayzie was primed and ready for career as an Eventer and was happy to start her training for her new job at Trinity Farm in 2012.

In her time with us Mayzie as has done a little bit of everything from Eventing and Dressage competitions to teaching Special Olympic riders how to lead and lunge. She is our go-to horse for teaching ground skills like bathing, lunging and loading in to a trailer.

You can learn about the other 52 thoroughbreds that have connected on the Facebook group "One of the 52".


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Photos provided by: Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Rider Credit: Madalyn Rusinoff

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