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A Pirate Adventure

Yo ho! Yo ho! Its an equestrian's life for me!

Skill Challenges

Skill challenges for our pirates consisted of games, identifying grooming tools, building a pirate's tool belt, assembling bridles, identifying bits, applying leg wraps and reading course maps.

The lead-line pirates completed an indoor obstacle course where they had to deliver a cannonball to their pirate ship. We used black water balloons as ammunition and each of our crew members had to balance while weaving, running and walking the plank!

Advanced crew members had to assemble bridles and correctly identify bits before preparing to set sail.

Shark Bait: supported obstacle course

We started by adding more gold to our buried treasure.

We battled Captain Hook with a ring toss game.

Avoided huge waves!

We fed the sharks a snack, sailed around the pirate flags, laid anchor in the shade, and even spotted some other sea life!

Buccaneers: walk trot riders

Our independent and soon to be independent walk trot riders learned to read maps. We started with the confusing squiggles and icons on a pirate map and moved on to reading traditional jump course maps that are used at horse shows. We talked about safe directions to jump fences as well as how to walk a course.

Scallywags: independent advanced riders

Advanced riders used this home horse show as an opportunity to display skills that they have been working on recently. Each rider was challenged with a new Dressage test, new jump heights and new ground skills that they have never demonstrated in competition before.

Finally back on dry land!

This adventure wouldn't have been possible without our amazingly talented and caring volunteers!

They spent two weeks doing jobs like digging, painting, building, cleaning, mowing and weeding leading up to the event.

Thanks to: (25 friends & volunteers! You all are amazing!)

...Hudson High School Service Learning Students- Luke, Maddie, Ines and Kari

...Frank- for repairing the tractor in time to mow!

...Ron- for repairing the zero turn in time to mow!

...Jacob- for weed whacking!

...Sandy- for mowing... and mowing... and mowing!

...Julie- for cleaning tack & stable area as well as working Sunday so everyone else could rest!

...Dave- for digging, cleaning, mowing and more!

...Kelly- for weeding the front sign!

...Najwa- for making signs!

...Krista- for planning themes,

...Emma, Madalyn, Jenna and Jeff for setting the jump course!

...Erin, Madalyn, Tallulah, Carly and Jodie- for setting up the obstacle course!

...Olivia- for volunteering to lead students before getting cleaned up for your homecoming dance!

...Caryn, Olivia, Emma, Tessa, Patricia- for leading and playing with our lead liners!

...Ted- for volunteering to be our announcer!

...Patricia- for your artistic ability and creativity with our sea creatures!

...Sue- for your artistic ability and attention to detail on the captain hook game!

...Our lesson parents for being so supportive of the riders and our program!

AND to our students & horses who always give their best effort and shine joy on all of us!

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