Trinity Farm Student / Participant Page

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This page is for current Trinity Farm riders and volunteers to share information about prep-work and planning for the event.

Parent / Guardian Info

  • Planning Meeting: Want to help with organizing or planning? We've been dragging our feet, but you can help us tie up any loose ends with the event AND you'll be the Mummy of the year! Join the zoom or meet at the farm at 8pm Friday, Sept 24th.  LINK
  • General Info Meeting: New to Boo or want to hear details about this 2021's plan? Join the zoom! Decorating a stall or making a horse a vampire costume may sound like a pain in the neck, but we can share fang-tastic tips to make your sure your experience will be love at first bite. We'll also talk about horse sponsorships and fundraising ideas that don't *suck*. LINK
  • Applications for horse costumes & participation are due: Tuesday, September 28th at 8:00pm. We'll email the horse partner list that evening so that teams and individuals can get started. 
  • Schedule...
    • Application due: Sept 28th @ 8:00pm
    • You will need to have your participant & horse costume completed in enough time before the event that we can take photos (for voting and memories) on the Thursday before the event, or the weekend before the event. (During daylight hours, before 7:20pm) Katherine will not have time the weekend of Boo at the Barn. (No posed costume photos Oct 9th or 10th.) 
    • Horse sponsor pledges are due the Thursday before the event at 8:00pm. (Donations can also be dropped off, mailed or deposited via PAYPAL.)
    • Stall decoration setup... Depending on your stall design and materials, you may be able to set up early. If you are decorating a stall front that has a horse that lives inside the stall, please contact Katherine to schedule a time to decorate, you may have to do it the morning of the event. (Horse-less stalls can be set Sunday Oct 3rd -Sunday Oct 10th. Schedule a time that works for you.)
    • Day of.... Horses can be dressed 2:30pm & 2:40pm depending on the costume. (Coaches can help you if you need assistance.) 
    • Voting closes at 5:15pm, most families plan on staying until 6pm for awards and clean up. 

Horse Sponsorship - Pledges

We'll share encouraging messages and tips here...

Use the sponsor ship letter. Read it, add your own drawings, letter and share a story about how your rider has benefited from their experience at Trinity Farm and with our amazing horses. Invite your rider to share how riding has changed their life or share a story about their favorite horse.

Contacting a company to request a donation? THANKS! Let us know which ones so we don't send two letters to the same place.

Try asking a friend or company to match a donation. Many companies have an employee match program.

Horse Costume Partners: Commitment to a horse costume, stall decoration and horse sponsorship of one month $600 or inspire five people to become $10/month pledge supporters.

Stall Decoration Participants: Commitment to decorate a stall and raise $200 or inspire two people to become $10/month pledge supporters.

Trunk or Treat: We're thinking about adding families that want to decorate their vehicle and dress up to welcome guests as they drive around the farm. Do you like this idea or have a few ideas of your own? Join us at our planning meeting on Friday.

More info about sponsorship at the bottom of the 'Trinity Farm Horses' page.

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