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Mini Trial Volunteer Info

Thank you for offering to volunteer at Hinckley Equestrian Center's mini trial.

Hinckley Equestrian Center's ( HEC ) Mini Trial is set-up to be a low key, fun competition that is a great introduction to the Eventing world for both horses and riders. It is a one day competition including Dressage, stadium jumping and cross country.

This year we also have a Combined Test on Saturday allowing more riders to compete.

All proceeds from the Mini Trial will be donated to Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to make a difference in the lives of people with special needs using the therapeutic nature of horses.

Whether you frequently attend horse shows or you are brand new to the sport we can find a job for you! Each phase of the competition will have a team leader who will be in charge of that area. You'll be able to check in with them throughout the day and ask questions. We'll provide snacks, beverages and training. You can help us by dressing for the weather as most jobs are outside in the elements.

  • Wear closed toed shoes. Be ready to walk, hike or stand.
  • Wear your blue Hinckley EC volunteer tshirt or your neon yellow Trinity Farm volunteer shirt if you have one.
  • Bring a chair, sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, bug spray. 
  • NO umbrellas. 
Want to bring your rider? Sure! This is a great way for your equestrian to learn about their sport. Please remind them that they are representing Trinity Farm and you while at the horse show. If you are concerned that you or your rider will have a difficult time staying focused, feel free to ask questions before signing up for a job. We are all excited to give the competitors a great experience they will remember for years to come!

*Training videos may or may not work. Don't worry. We'll have training the day of.

Experienced Eventer?

Awesome! Thanks for joining us! We have several jobs that will be perfect for you. Check out the sign up genius link on this page and pick out something that you feel confident doing.

I don't know anything about Eventing!

Don't panic!

When you arrive you can park and then check in at the show office. (Riders and competitors will do the same.) Once you arrive, you'll find out more about your volunteer job and how to help.

The weekend's schedule:

Friday afternoon & evening: XC Schooling - preregistration only (paid in advance)

Saturday morning & afternoon: Schooling - preregistration only (paid in advance)

Saturday afternoon & evening: CT

Sunday all day: MT

Random info...

Schooling: Practice

CT: Combined Test: Competition including Dressage & Show Jumping

MT: Mini Trial: Competition including Dressage & Show Jumping & Cross Country

  • Any time riders are mounted they will be wearing numbers (pinnies). You can call people by their numbers as an easy way to communicate with them. This is considered totally normal and polite... that is exactly what the pinnies are for.
  • The other volunteers, riders, parents and coaches will look calm and cool. Please remember that just like you, they may look calm, like a duck sitting on the the water, but under the surface they are paddling and doing everything they can to stay a float.

When people are excited and nervous...

  • They WILL have trouble hearing you if they are distracted or moving
  • They WILL want you to ask before touching their horse
  • They may be more passionate or more quiet before they compete
  • They WILL enjoy your smile(even just your eyes) and kind tone!
  • Everyone is here to have fun!

Will there be breaks?

Yes... and no, if the show runs on schedule, you will have a few breaks to catch your breath. You will also get a break for lunch that may include training your replacement if you are not working the whole day.

Food/ Beverages?

Ron Rice, the owner of the Hinckley Equestrian center will provide you lunch from the food truck. He and the rest of the Hinckley Equestrian Center staff want to thank you for your time and dedication to the event!

Social Distancing?


Hinckley Equestrian Center is huge! We have tons of room to social distance. Please bring your mask to use when inside or near others. If you are not feeling well, have been around someone else who was not feeling well or have traveled recently- please help keep our equestrian community and their families healthy but not risking it. Instead take the weekend off and join us at our next event! 

Questions? Call Katherine! 330-618-0654

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