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Trinity Farm's horse trailer, fundraiser.

We are asking Santa for a horse trailer that will allow us to include even more students on our competition team! It’s a pretty big wish, so Santa’s asking for your help to make our Christmas miracle happen! Your generous donation will help us provide additional safe & reliable transportation for our equestrian team!

You can donate on our Facebook page using the link below for our #givingtuesday campaign.

You can donate in person by calling the farm and setting up a time to meet with us. (330) 618-0654

  • Facebook and PayPal will start matching donations at 8:00am ET on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. The matching offer will expire when $7 million in donations is reached or at 11:59pm PT on November 27.

Riders in the Spotlight:

We asked our riders and parents to share how therapeutic riding, horseback riding lessons and horse shows makes a difference in their lives. We'll share more this week on social media!

Sierra has competed in Special Olympic horse shows at the county and state level for the past two years. There are hundreds of SO riders in Ohio, but only about 100 are able to compete at the State Games. Sierra represented the Summit County Trotters and earned a bronze and silver medal in 2018. She enjoys horse showing so much, she has taken it upon herself to bake and sell banana bread as a fundraiser to reach her goals. When we asked Sierra about why she likes to travel and compete, she said that horse shows make her happy! Will you help Sierra get her horse to the State Games in 2019? We need a trailer and you!

Butch has ridden horses on and off since his childhood in the 70's. His sister and his niece are also equestrians. Horseback riding is in his blood! When we found out the Special Olympic State Games were hosted in Cincinnati Ohio, Butch leaped at the chance to compete with his whole family cheering from the sidelines! Aside from Butch's multiple gold and silver medals victories, he has a claim to fame as the very first Special Olympic athlete to compete in a jumping class in Ohio!

Madalyn has been the Captain of Trinity Farm's Equestrian Team for many years. She has met the qualifications for varsity letterman status through USEF for her entire high school career. Including 12-16 horse shows a year, practicing on her two horses throughout the week, continuing education and training through the Red Cross and Special Olympics. She volunteers hundreds of hours mentoring riders every year and is even planning a future as a PATH Intl. Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor.

Kara joined the Trinity Farm Equestrian Team this year, just in time to start the competition season. She is an asset to the team as a talented rider and joy to be around! Highlights of her season were competing on two different horses at two levels, requiring her to demonstrate grace and strength under pressure. Kara also shares her experience and knowledge with our therapeutic riding students when she volunteers multiple times a week to mentor them.

Don't let her height and maturity fool you. This talented young lady is only in the 7th grade! Emma is kind, quiet and passionate. Her attention to detail makes her a strong competitor and an excellent volunteer! In 2018 Emma started her season with a disappointing elimination after she fell off her horse. By the end of the summer, Emma traveled to her first out of state competition and placed second with a strong finish on cross country! Horse shows allow us to set goals, experience defeat, frustration and disappointment along the way, and encourage us to get back up and try again!

Holly has been an active equestrian since childhood. Her parents recognized her love of horses early on, and as an adult, she is proving nothing will stop her competitive spirit! Holly inspired the growth of the Summit Country Trotters Special Olympic Team. As the only member for years she paved the way for the young riders joining the team today. Holly has a successful competition record with gold medals in Special Olympics at the local and state level as well receiving a "top 5"as on the nation stage at The All American Quarter Horse Congress!

Tessa leads by example. She volunteers in our lesson program a few days a week to teach beginning horse care skills to her fellow young riders. As a peer she is able to make an instant connection and build trust with even our most timid new riders. Her confidence as a volunteer stems from her talent in the saddle. Tessa didn't get to show at all this summer, but that didn't stop her from coming out to cheer on the team and help the team keep things running smoothly! She is an inspiration in drive and determination. Watch out 2019, with your help, and our new trailer, this kid is really going places!

More riders in the spotlight to come! Stay tuned!

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