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Cisco- Retired

"Never On Time"

Registered Name: Never On Time

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Dark Bay

Sex: Gelding

DOB: 2009

Height: 17hh

Arrived: 08/23/2019

Retired: 2020

Donated By: Agatha Smithers

"What's up? My name is Cisco and I am one of the super awesome Trinity Farm horses! I used to be a racehorse and was very fast but made a career change after retiring to dressage! Agatha taught me lots of cool things and I get to share those really cool dressage skills with the riders at Trinity Farm! I love to play with my pasture buddies. I am always up for grooming and whatever my riders have planned for the day. They always have something fun planned!" - Written by Madalyn Rusinoff

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