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Boo at the Barn

Join us!

New this year!

2020 may look a little different from our last 10 Boo at the Barn events, but we're always willing to adapt and find new ways to meet the needs of our community!

Schedule of Events:

Viewer's Choice Award: Our traditional in-person award will be entirely online this year. Vote for your favorite using the link.

The Best Costume: The Best Costume will be judged Sunday October 11th. The winner will receive a ribbon, the title for one year and a prize.

Best Stall Award: The stall will be judged Sunday October 11th. The winner will receive a ribbon, the title for one year and a prize.

Super Sponsor Award: The Super Sponsor Award goes to the person who raises the most sponsorship dollars for a Trinity Farm horse. The winner will receive a ribbon, the title for one year, a prize AND their first choice pick of horses for 2020’s Boo at the Barn.

Voting goes LIVE at 8pm on Saturday, October 10th 2020 and closes Sunday October 11th at 5:15pm.

Vehicle info: 4-wheel drive not required, but vehicles that sit higher or taller will have a better view into the stalls. You will drive across grass, shallow sand, gravel, concrete and asphalt. We have had many drive in events and never had to call a tow truck.

Free! Yes, this event is free to the community.

Can we donate? You may donate online or in person if you are inspired to do so. Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center is a nonprofit organization and relies on the generosity of private donors and grants to provide services to those in need. You can donate to sponsor a horse, sponsor a rider or make a general donation that will help with future events like this one.

Made possible by:

Our amazing families and volunteers!

Our friends at Sand Hill for donating pumpkins!

When the farm's 8 year old camera died the week before Boo at the Barn we were in a lurch! Campus Camera to the rescue! They got our new camera up and running and ready to capture memories for years to come.

Next year... Hayrides to and from the parking area will be back and again part of your Boo at the Barn autumn adventure! We also have a drop off zone at the front door!

Next year... Guest Costume Contest 4:00pm: "Most Creative" "Famous Pairs" "Cutest Animal" "Never Seen Before" "Best Hero" "Best Villain" "Head to Toe" "Biggest Group"

Next year...Viewer's Choice Award: Attendees will be given 1 free ticket use as a vote. Tickets are dropped off at the stall of the horse they wish to nominate as their favorite costume. Additional tickets can be purchased at the concession stand as well as earned by following our social media to get future updates about events at Trinity Farm.

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