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Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center 501(c)3

1.) Volunteer

2.) Share Trinity Farm social media posts

3.) Give skills or goods: Your time, excess materials or even small $ make a huge difference 

4.) Donate on this page toward the program of your choice

5.) Tell your family, friends and community about Trinity Farm and our mission to promote inclusion and change lives using therapeutic nature of horses

Giving Tuesday and every day of the year your support is appreciated!

In Memory of Robert (Bob) Newhouse

It was Bob's wish that any memorial tributes be made in the form of charitable donations to Trinity Farm Therapeutic Equestrian Center, the nonprofit organization his daughter & granddaughter created. Bob and his wife Mary enjoyed many happy memories of family gatherings at the farm including wedding and baby showers celebrating the future of the family Bob was so proud of.

"Bob Newhouse, my grandfather, was a medical photographer, veteran, and family man. I have had many role models in my life that demonstrated that differences have value and that your passion and dedication will take you further than talent, but my grandfather really brought that message home. Bob sustained an eye injury as a child that left him blind in one eye and yet he taught doctors and surgeons medicine with what HE saw and captured through a camera lens.

"He attempted to pass along his skill and knowledge of photography to me. As his eyesight diminished he still had critiques and suggestions that kept me longing for his approval. Each visit I’d pester him with questions about working at the hospital or his photographs in TIME Magazine. This man had the best photo lab and equipment at his fingertips. He won awards, had recognition and publications in text books. At the drop of a hat he could make educational slideshows to teach procedures to students and visiting doctors. But when asked for his favorite memories- they always included my grandmother. His favorite “work” stories were really about coming home. Coming home to share crazy stories from the emergency department that he had to document. Coming home to his beautiful wife and telling her about his day. Coming home to take their children on car trips and adventures.

"He was incredibly supportive of the work I do at Trinity Farm and tried to help me capture the magical moments that happen between horses and humans. He understood the value of therapeutic riding for military veterans with PTSD and shared stories of his friends and colleagues living after the war. He understood the constant labor of a farm and always checked in to see if I was staying warm enough and asked how the horses were doing.

"His photography changed medicine, but it also captured the love of his wife of over 60 years, frozen milliseconds of light showing the love he had for his children and the time he spent with me- trying to help me understand that a camera doesn’t take pictures a photographer does." - Katherine Trimble, Executive Director

Checks can be mailed to: 7821 Ferguson Rd. Streetsboro, Ohio 44241.

*Ironically poor image quality

It costs $150/hour to provide adaptive riding lessons. With help from donors like you we are able to subsidize that cost and provide scholarships to make horseback riding and equine assisted activities within the reach of our riders.

If you feel a special connection to a member of our herd, consider sponsoring a horse to show your support. This has also been a great way to honor the loss or memory of a favorite personal horse who changed your life.

Your company or group can make a physical impact for years to come!

Visit our store in the upper left hand corner or click to learn about how you can adopt a fuzzy plush toy version of your favorite Trinity Farm horse! Proceeds go directly to the care of the animals. Great gift & experience!


General donations allow us to apply funds where the need is greatest.

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